Fall 2015

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On November 13, SAIS Consulting Club hosted the Fall 2015 Case Competition sponsored by Deloitte.  11 four-member teams were given a case and 36 hours the previous weekend to analyze and solve the case.  Then, they had 4 days to prepare their presentations.  The judges, consisting of current Deloitte employees including SAIS alumni, narrowed the field to 4 and then eventually one winner and a runner-up.

All of the internship-eligible SAISers on the two finalist teams received offers from Deloitte to interview for a Summer Associate position.

We would like to thank all of the teams for participating, Deloitte for generously sponsoring the competition and those we came out to support your fellow classmates!

The winners:


Taylor Sloane (second from left), Sid Ravishankar (third from left), Yoonie Sim (fourth from left), Fernando Ventura (not pictured) with Deloitte consultants

The runner-ups:


Christopher Crow (second from left), Yoni Katz (third from left), Jesse Barnett (fourth from left), Katherine Wang (fifth from right) with Deloitte consultants

One of the members of the winning team, Sid Ravishankar recounts his experience:

“The 2015 Deloitte National Case Competition presented at Johns Hopkins SAIS and involved over 44 students from the JHU-SAIS community. The case involved a non-traditional company in a traditional business and students were tasked with helping the company fulfill both social and profit goals.

In order to solve the case, students had to delve into the company’s history, understand its ethos, and project the industry’s future in order to develop solutions for the as-yet unprofitable organization. Competitors were given 36 hours over a weekend to develop a series of slides with formal presentations the subsequent Friday. The presentations included a preliminary round in the morning followed by four teams advancing to the final round with judges that included partners and managers.

Deloitte described their expanded recruiting into top ranked non-business programs as an effort to widen the search for talent. The SAIS community brings a diverse perspective on business problems, an important quality in a creative profession like consulting. These competitions are critical as they showcase the unique skills fielded by SAIS candidates that are unavailable in traditional business programs. We are grateful for the opportunity to take part in this competition and for Deloitte’s guidance and feedback through the process and look forward to a closer working relationship.”