McKinsey Happy Hour

On Friday, October 23, 2015, the SAIS Consulting Club and Mckinsey & Company co-hosted the very first SAIS-McKinsey happy hour at the bar, Mission Dupont. It was a great opportunity for current students interested in the consulting field to connect with SAIS alumni and current McKinsey Consultants, Sara O’Rourke and Allan Breed. With an inviting happy hour menu, coupled with some excellent quesadillas and nachos, many a SAISer enjoyed listening to Sara and Allan speak about their experiences prior to and in their careers with McKinsey. For those of us unable to attend, Sara and Allan shared their views on how to land the interview, ways to strengthen a resume and the lifestyle of consultants. Equally important, Sara and Allan also shared their beloved memories of their times at SAIS.

It was an impressive showing- more than 40 SAISers in all. It goes without saying that the SAIS-McKinsey happy hour was a great success. So, thank you fellow SAISers for taking initiative and attending the event. And, a very special thank you to SAIS alums, Sara and Allan, for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with the SAIS Consulting Club.